Sunday, July 26, 2015

Calm before the (welcome) storm

It looks like we'll be having our sweet girl tomorrow. If it all works out as expected she'll be two weeks early, but somehow everything came together quickly enough to catch a few last moments as a family of three and get her nursery ready to bring her home!


Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 so far

(What feels like) Way back in the day, John Mayer had a song called Safe Til St. Patrick's Day. If you don't know the one it's about a couple who should probably break up but find some comfort in the idea that they will be together for at least a little while longer since they are upon the season of holidays when no one wants to break up and be alone. They're safe til St. Patrick's day (or at least that's the way I remember it but who knows what my brain was thinking and interpreting in high school and college..). The last few years I've felt like my life can be called Hold on Tight Til St. Patrick's Day. With all three of our birthdays falling from late October to early December, traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and engaging in the cascade of following Hallmark holidays (New Years, Valentine's etc.) it seems life doesn't slow down and allow for breathing until Easter or so. Add in dissertation and prepping for another baby this year and that timeline has extended to July. With the hope that I'll be better in the future (because surely life will get easier and slower with two kids, right?) here is our last 7ish months in pictures! (also fair warning this might be the longest blog post ever)

Piper turned 3!



Christmas in Charleston

We spent lots of time downtown enjoying the Christmas decorations,  a ride on "Santa sleigh," and a parade


Christmas in Texas
Of course we made the rounds to see family and friends back in Texas for the holidays. We were so busy enjoying ourselves we didn't capture too many moments, but here's a few that we did.


New Years in Nashville
We packed up and headed to Tennessee to ring in the New Year with some favorite friends. We got some decent posed(ish) pictures like this...


But mostly the week looked like this...

And somehow just about every situation ended in a tackle... 

For  Easter, we did our fair share of egg-hunting and Momma Mo came to visit


 In addition to all the travel, there's been lots of this...

Because of this...

Though I'm not sure what excuse these guys have...

 ... I guess when you're that cute you don't need an excuse
Piper got to spend a VERY special day at a Princess Tea Party at the Children's Museum to meet some of her favorite princesses


We were THRILLED to learn we are having another little gal!

As soon as it got a little warmer we took a little weekend trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to explore. We did a little walking around, stopping to feel baby kicks of course,

And then we stumbled upon the amazing Discovery Place and spent an entire day there!

Of course we've had many a playdate (for kiddos and grown ups!) 


And we've been sure to take full advantage of living 10 minutes from the beach



Most recently, we went to Texas to celebrate Grandad Nance's 95th birthday with LOTS of family!


(Who knew these three kids would turn out so good-looking?)

While we were there we had a Newsies movie night,

Got some homemade ice cream from Pa,


Visited PawPaw MeeMaw,

And got to have a slumber party with some favorite old friends!

Then Texas came to us for July 4th and we caught some fireworks and headed to Ft Sumter!


So maybe that was a bit (or a lot) much.. but I did give a warning. Now I think we'll stay home and rest a bit.